Thursday, November 7, 2013

cake mania

I got in a real cake making mood the last couple of weeks, and being completely insane, decided to make 5 new dummy cakes. well, got that out of my system for a while.


We had such a fun Halloween this year. These boys got to spend a lot of time in their costumes. The week before Halloween we had a ward trunk or treat thing. Steve was working, so that was kind of a bummer, but the little monsters and I still had fun, and they got a lot of candy.
 Jake had fun while we were there, but the ride home sitting on that tail was a little trying. Totally didn't think that one through when I made the costume.
 Isn't there some story where the monsters eat cats?
 The day before Halloween we went over to Malad to do some canning with Steve's mom and the boys got to let out their inner monster again.
Steve had to work Halloween and wasn't supposed to get home until 8, so I was planning on taking the boys trick or treating by myself, but he surprised us and came home early enough to come. We had a lot of fun. Every house Jacob would pound on the door and yell "open da door please." Then of course he tries to go in once they open the door. One house he actually got in and sat on the couch waiting for his candy.


Oh, my goodness my baby is 5. We had the family over, and he got spoiled rotten.
He has been really into dinosaurs lately. He is always asking me to google pictures of all of these strange dinosaurs, and I can't pronounce them let alone spell them. He loves to draw, and is pretty good at it. He goes through tons of paper. Grandma donated all of her lined paper to the cause, and he is blowing through it. He likes to draw fish, cut them out and then turn the living room into an ocean.
My boys went fishing a lot this summer and had a blast.
Jeremiah and Jacob are best friends, and always being silly together. I'm kind of amazed at how well they play together most of the time.
They were playing with the ball and somehow managed to pop it, but had just as much fun with their new hats.

Friday, August 16, 2013


So one morning Jeremiah wakes up and tells me that there was a crab in his room the night before. I ask him if he dreamed about crabs and he's insists it was real, so I'm like yeah okay Jeremiah assuming he imagined it. A couple of days later Steve and I are getting ready to go to bed and Steve sees a bat lying in the corner of our bathroom. Steve manages to scoop it into a box and we put it outside. It didn't fly away it just kind of crawled around in circles. A little while later we start thinking maybe that was the crab that Jeremiah saw in his room and I start thinking oh shoot some bats carry rabies. So the next morning we question Jeremiah
me: Jeremiah what color was the crab?
Jeremiah: brown
me: where was the crab?
Jeremiah: crawling on my bed
me: did you touch the crab?
Jeremiah: yeah, I tried to get it off
At this point I'm freaking out a little bit. So we call the doctor who is naturally out of the office for the next 5 days. Next I call the health department and am told that bat bites are so small you can't see any marks and they can be painless so you don't necessarily know you have been bitten. If we had saved the bat they could have tested it, but since we didn't we should talk to our dr about getting rabies vaccines. Over the next two hours I talk to every Dr in town, 4 health department offices, and 2 hospitals and am told that none of them have the vaccine and no one is willing to order it because it is too expensive. I love being told that they are willing to let my children contract a fatal disease because it's just too expensive to prevent it. At this point I'm an emotional wreck so Steve starts calling around and eventually find out that we can get the vaccine if we go to the ER of one of the hospitals that I had already called. Ok, so we go to the ER and the Dr thinks that all of us need the vaccine not just the boys, but they don't have enough for everybody. Long story short after waiting for 5 hours they finally come up with enough drugs for all of us. Can I just say, worst injections ever. There was so much medication that it ended up having to be spread out over 4 different sites. Poor little Jacob flexed his bum so hard that he bent the needle. We all get to go back to the hospital for 3 more injections over the next 2 weeks. Super excited.
A couple hours after we got home Steve found a dead bat outside, so I took it in to the health department the next day and they are sending it off to be tested. Even if it comes back negative, I don't know that I would be willing to stop the injections because I can't guarantee it is the same bat. Still, I would feel a whole lot better if it doesn't have rabies.

Friday, July 26, 2013


This month has been absolutely crazy. Steve was in Houston for work for 3 weeks. It's always stressful to have him gone so long. We had a week left before he came home when Jacob decided to do this
 I was picking up the toys and getting the boys ready for bed. Jacob was in his room and I hear this thud followed by crying. I go in there and he's laying on the floor. He has this little kid chair next to him that has toppled over, so I ask if he fell off the chair and he says yes. I pick him up (using his arm, major guilt about that) and he cries for a minute and then stops, so I'm thinking no big deal. I lay him down on the couch, get Jeremiah's pj's on and when I come back he hasn't moved at all. Normally he can't even stay still when he's asleep, so I knew something was wrong. We ended up going to the ER to get x-rayed and ta-da his arm is very broken. With the break being so high on his arm they can't cast it, so I get to try to keep his arm still for the next month using a sling (which is too big and doesn't do much) and an ace bandage. Right, that's gonna work.
The first week I was kind of a nervous wreck, but thank goodness I had a lot of help. My mom and Lori came up for the first few days, and Steve's sister Jen took Jeremiah to play with her kids which made it so much easier.
My mom brought this little doctor kit up with her, and the boys had so much fun playing doctor.

Jacob turned 3 a few days after the break, so when Steve got home we had a little family party. Jacob is in a Thomas the Train stage right now. Some days we pretty much have a Thomas movie playing on a loop all day. He has been looking forward to this Thomas cake for months. Most of the decorations are made out of modeling chocolate, and both of the boys have decided that they like that better than the actual cake. I don't think Jacob actually ate any of the cake he just wanted "moe chocate."

The next day we went to a cabin in the Uinta's for a family reunion with Steve's family. My camera never made it out of my purse, so I don't have any pictures. It was 3 days of playing with cousins, hiking, picnics, and roasting marshmallows.

I have been giving Jacob a sponge bath every day, but lets be honest, it never really helps much. After all that outdoors fun, he was really starting to stink so I wrapped his arm up and put him in a real bath last night. Obviously I still couldn't really wash his arm, so that part of him still kind of stinks, but the rest is oh so much better. Best of all, we managed to do it without hurting his arm.

 Coban (the zebra print stuff) is my new favorite thing. I spent the first week rewrapping Jacobs arm every couple of hours because he would wiggle his way out of the ace bandage. I finally have a system that will last all day long, and the coban is the key. I swear I totally belong on an infomercial for the stuff. "Michelle's sanity brought to you by coban" Plus, Jacob totally gets excited about it. If he is wearing a solid color he says he's a super hero. Then of course there's the zebra print and we have some camouflage too so that he can be a hunter.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

the consequences of marrying a hunter

Lately Jeremiah has been pretending he is a hunter. He talks about going hunting with Steve and talks about all of the animals he has shot. He makes animals out of blocks, pretends to shoot them and then has us mount them on the walls.
On the left is a duck and on the right is elk antlers
Then he started pretending he was a deer, elk, moose etc. and having one of us pretend to shoot him. He runs around with his fingers on his head like antlers, falls down and pretends to be dead and then he goes and stands next to a wall pretending he is hung on the wall. Jacob and Steve always "shoot him" on the first try, but whenever he has me do it I miss and someone else has to take a follow up shot. 

 I have been very successful at keeping dead animals off the wall in this house. But it appears I have been outwitted by a 4 year old. Jeremiah convinced Steve that he needed a real animal on his bedroom wall, so this is now hanging in his bedroom.

We went to Malad for Steve's grandpa's 80th birthday party and promised Jeremiah we would get him the antelope head while we were there (it was living at Steve's parents house). He was so upset that we had to go to the party before getting the antelope because he was convinced somebody else was going to get it.
 I made the cake for the party. It was so scary driving through the canyon with this on my lap. I was sure it was going to die, but it made it intact. Jeremiah was just in an uptight mood that day. After he got over having to wait to pick up the antelope, he fixated on the cake. It's kind of hard to see, but there is a fish on a fishing pole hanging over the side of the boat right in the center of the cake. He decided that he needed to have that fish and he was convinced someone else would eat it. So his eyes were glued to the cake until it was time to cut it. Anytime someone was standing in the way and obstructing his view he started freaking out because he thought they would take the fish.


Steve got to be home for Easter this year, which was super exciting. I think he's missed it the last 2 years. We got 4 chicks the day before Easter. We've been meaning to get some, and it just worked out that this is when it happened. The boys love them, and it's a constant battle to keep Jacob from smacking the cage so they'll run around and squeak.

We had a lot of fun dyeing eggs. I boiled 16 thinking that would be plenty, but we went through all of them in like 5 minutes. Jacob thought it was the coolest thing ever and just kept saying "moe eggs"

Jacob actually got the concept of the Easter egg hunt this year. Well, until he realized there was candy inside. Then he didn't want to hunt for more eggs, he just wanted to sit down and eat his candy.

 Jeremiah is such a sweetie, and shared his loot with Jacob